La Paz Rocks is a website for people who enjoy art and social interaction. We have painted rocks that will be hidden in La Paz for people to find and keep, re hide, or take somewhere else (another city, state, country) to hide. Feel free to paint your own rocks and do the same. We wanted to start this website so people would understand why we have painted and hidden rocks for others to find. We would also love to know where you found your rock, and where it may travel and be hidden again. This community outreach is going on all over the world. Join us!


La Paz Rocks exists to promote art and social interactions through art. We are attempting to achieve this with these very simple rules.

  • Go outside and find a rock that looks interesting to you. The rock should be small enough for anyone to easily pick up.
  • Take it home and paint it. If you use water color or pen on your rock, it will last longer in the weather if you put a coat of clear paint over the final product. Please sign it, it is your art. If you wish to put the La Paz Rocks web address on your rock:  www. lapazrocks.org please feel free to do so.
  • Hide your art and take a photo of it if you wish to.
  • You can post your photos here. If you used a phone that puts geolocation information on your photos then the location you found the rock and the location you put the rock will be shown on a map.
  • If you find a rock, keep it, or hide it again for someone else to find. If you wish to, travel with your rock, and hide it in a different city, state or country!

That is all there is to it.


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Found my first painted rock in La Paz!

Lisa Rush

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